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Advice needed

Unread post by Smoulders » 29 Jul 2007, 18:53

Hi there

I currently teach a music production course here in London and did a City and Guilds 7407 to allow me to do this. However I am very keen to teach English as a second language here in London (and have the option of doing this abroad eventually)and am pretty sure my current teaching qualification is no good for this.

During my limited internet research on this issue I have discovered all sorts of different courses for example TEFL, CELTA, ESOL etc and am very confused as to which to get on.

Basically, I want to get started in the teaching work ASAP and as cheaply as possible and wondered what the best way of doing this was. Their seems to be a fair amount of English teaching (as a second language) jobs here in London, it is just a case of getting qualified to do it.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Unread post by shlee » 02 Aug 2007, 22:17

Decide what you want to do then decide on the type of program to take. You might check out this place for an option:

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Unread post by janen » 19 Sep 2007, 19:30


You could try the TEFL course run by the Institute of TEFL Teaching. It's reasonably priced and on-line. You'll find details at Good luck.

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Unread post by ICAL_Pete » 21 Sep 2007, 16:27

The UK is a highly competitive market for ESL teachers. Most schools in London require an MA plus a TEFL Certificate (often a CELTA) and some teaching experience.

But it is also true that requirements vary from school to school so it might be worth making a list of the schools in the area where you'd like to work and contact them to see exactly what their hiring criteria are before embarking on further training.

Hope this helps

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