Fake TEFL Accreditation websites

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Fake TEFL Accreditation websites

Unread post by MiaWilliams » 09 Feb 2020, 15:33


Late November, we were approached by a school that has reviews listed on our reviews website, asking if we could possibly delete the negative ones.

We politely replied that we wouldn't be, and then that was that... until a few weeks later.

The school in question, is MyTEFL. And they have really started to threaten and basically defame us online.

We decided to do a bit of digging into the world of Online TEFL accreditation, and what we found was shocking.

The rule of thumb, as far as we can see, ids don't believe any Online TEFL accreditation claim. It is an unregulated industry. You will get a job without having taken an "accredited" course. Nobody cares, unless (maybe) if you are doing the 4-week CELTA program.

As a matter of fun, what is the most ridiculous accreditation name that you have come across? :)

Read more about the bizarre behavior of MyTEFL over at Trusted TEFL Reviews (trustedteflreviews (dot) com)

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