TEFL Course Bunac/Gap360? - Confused TEFL Newbie!

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TEFL Course Bunac/Gap360? - Confused TEFL Newbie!

Unread post by AbbeyJB » 21 Dec 2017, 18:11

Hi there!

I've recently decided that I would like to do a TEFL Course in Thailand/Vietnam in May 2018, I decided against online
as I just don't have the time to do it! Now I've spent the past 2 days glued to my screen trying to figure out courses, which are scams, which are worth the money and my mind is boggled! :?

I'm currently looking at this course through Gap360 https://www.gap360.com/tefl-course-thailand which sounds pretty up my street as I have no previous experience in education. I have also found one through Bunac but I've read that i-to-i isn't particularly trustworthy...? https://bunac.i-to-i.com/internships/th ... ip-gb.html

I'm just wondering if;

- It would be worth the £1000+ price tag
- Are either of them reputable?
- Has anyone been through a tefl course they could recommend?

Would really appreciate any help! :D

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