Tefl.london - business opportunity

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Tefl.london - business opportunity

Unread post by Alexios » 13 Nov 2014, 23:32


First post here - I have recently been made aware that I may shortly be made redundant from my current job role (IT Pro). In assessing my options going forward, I have purchased the domain names tefl.london and tefl.capetown - I am pretty confident these will both be strong domain names in the future with which as strong business could be built. I should add I am near London based.

I have looked at affiliating to one of the current market players but this doesn't seem that it'll be very profitable. Ideally the best option would to buy/licence a course and sell it online & possibly offer class based hours too.

Does anyone have experience of purchasing a tefl course from a writer...and/or any other knowledge of this marketplace - I'd be happy to consider almost all options from anyone experienced in this marketplace.

Thank you,

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