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I want to open Tefl school

Posted: 11 Jul 2007, 05:31
by Rianne
Hello. I will almost complete my Certificate in Tefl. After that I want to open my Tefl school. In my country we dont have any school of Tefl here, so I dont know nothing about opening Tefl school. Can somebody help me, what are the rules in opening Tefl school? I must ensure courses material and probably I cant copy material of school which I attend now. So, how to get courses materials? I have found on the Internet that some school offer Business partnership, but they probably take then 50% of money and that doesnt conforms to me. My country is poor country and I hope that I will earn enough money for me and with Partners it would be really bad income. At this moment I have school in which I want to work and I dont have just Tefl teachers and I am not accredited and I dont have experience as a Tefl teacher. So I dont know is my only option to find some Partner who will have his rules and who will take 50% or I have some other solution. Only what I need are some experience teacher and that my school be accredited and recognised and that I can give Certificate after, because Certificate is the most important part here. People will not come to my school if I cant get some Certificate. So, please help me and I will be very grateful for any help!!! If some Tefl manager can perform all for me, I would rather give him, some salary than some partner 50% whole life! Thank you.

Posted: 12 Jul 2007, 09:13
by ironpetal
You dont say what country you are in?

Posted: 14 Jul 2007, 23:13
by Rianne
ironpetal wrote:You dont say what country you are in?
Nothing I have found here some guide how to open Tefl school. The only thing that I dont know is must I writte Tefl book for courses and lessons, or I can buy her somewhere?

Re: I want to open Tefl school

Posted: 12 Jul 2008, 08:17
by systematic
A year ago almost to the day, this thread dried up because the OP refused quite categorically to name his/her country. The title of the thread nevertheless continues to draw visits. Some of the best answers to cries for help like this are on this very website. Many posting on advice forums can be avoided by searching the knowledge bases that surround them and by using that marvel of modern technology: The Search Engine.

Many TESOL website provived free, downloadable material that can easily be put together to compile a course. If your students are too poor to buy the books, like they are here in Southeast Asia, you will have plenty of scope to fulloy exploit your classroom skills and improvise with the available free worksheets and tests.