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by Susan
17 Apr 2005, 15:06
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Topic: Teaching without translating
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Words and languages

You say you don't understand why we permit anonymous contributions. We're happy to hear anything that people in the EFL community have to say about language or any other topic. I think everybody and anybody can make a worthwhile contribution. Some people don't register due to time constraints or bec...
by Susan
10 Jul 2004, 17:44
Forum: Grammar & Usage
Topic: Grammar of slang
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Some versions of Michael Swan's Practical English Usage have an excellent section on teaching slang. And it gives some very choice examples too! This section has been banned in some countries. I think it is published by Oxford University Press. It also makes fun reading.

Susan (moderator)
by Susan
28 Jun 2004, 14:21
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: Teaching 5 yrs olds
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Dear Maria,

As you haven't had any replies, you might want to look at Auntie Lucy's forum. She answered a question similar to yours.

Best of luck

Susan (moderator)