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by elaineitaly
07 Jul 2009, 15:26
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: General Employment Prospects (Credit Crunch!)
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Re: General Employment Prospects (Credit Crunch!)

Hi, I found a good way of making a few extra quid when I was working as a TEFL teacher In italy, I reccommended to my students who wanted to study abroad, to a language school in Ireland, who paid me a good commission at no extra cost to the student. Of course you do not have to be a teacher to do t...
by elaineitaly
02 Jul 2009, 11:42
Forum: Jobs Discussion - Europe
Topic: Teaching in France or Italy
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Re: Teaching in France or Italy

Hi, I had a good few TEfl jobs in Italy and lived there for a number of years .The schools are hard to work for, are very demanding of the teachers and the pay is low. You would be much better trying to find private students which is not that hard.. Italy is a country in which you musyt make connect...