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by scrubmuncher
11 May 2009, 19:17
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: How scary is it?
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Re: How scary is it?

I've never lived alone in a foreign country. I'm just wondering, how scary is it? You will be fine as long as you pick somewhere reasonably safe for your first adventure. If you went off to Haiti or similar for a first trip you may find it slightly stressful. Not because of the job, but because it ...
by scrubmuncher
11 May 2009, 19:09
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: Would i get a job?
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Re: Would i get a job?

Hi, Although a degree will restrict where you can go for now I wouldn't worry so much if you don't want to take that time out to do it. Chances are you will find work and you have nothing to stop you doing a degree online while working. A degree is a piece of paper and has absolutely no claim on you...
by scrubmuncher
11 May 2009, 18:55
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: Job prospects without degree?
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Re: Job prospects without degree?

Hi, when ever you ask this question in the direction of the majority (those with a degree) you will without doubt get nothing but negative feedback. It is a case of those with a degree wanting to make that degree stand for something when it comes to the job, it does for a visa, but it isn't all doom...