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by patsensei
21 Jun 2006, 15:01
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Topic: Still have time for World cup fun?
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Still have time for World cup fun?

Original World Cup Soccer lesson for your English conversation classes whether it be in high school or privates. Basically the lesson is about giving opinions about which teams will make it into the next round and so on until they have eliminated all the teams and have a winner. I've used the real w...
by patsensei
28 Feb 2006, 13:57
Forum: Games & Activities
Topic: Interesting classroom activities
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Re: Interesting classroom activities

Have you ever tried "running dictation"? what you do is you make about 8 sentences and you cut them up and tape them up around the room. then you make the class into pairs. So one student runs and looks at the sentence taped up around the room and tells the other student who writes down the sentence...
by patsensei
26 Feb 2006, 15:03
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Topic: No degree in Japan
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Re: No degree in Japan

Hi. I have been in Japan for about 8 years now. No plan on leaving yet. Quite sad really. Anyway. I have a degree but many of my friends don't and still work here. To be honest I believe a few of them may have bought fake ones in various countries. I don't condone this but it's a fact of life. The f...