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by MattMaleham
31 Aug 2005, 14:53
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Lessons planning vs using the Teacher's Guide
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Hey bro I also am new to the whole teaching profession, actually I'm still studying but have been on a few pracs and had a bit of classroom experience. From what I've seen, it has been essential for me to write my own lesson plans and this has been for no reason other tha the fact that it helps me o...
by MattMaleham
31 Aug 2005, 14:41
Forum: Grammar & Usage
Topic: the word 'that'
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I agree with dano on that one, the word that is pretty universally said the exact same way here in the land downunder. What country are you other crew from that say the word differently in different sentences? Are you crew all teachers?
by MattMaleham
31 Aug 2005, 14:34
Forum: Jobs Discussion - Asia
Topic: No degree in Japan
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Good to see the humility/modesty on your part bro, I woulda said the same sort of thing except I'm from Australia and I surf heaps and have a perfectly tanned and toned body...and I'm not married. Well I'm currently studying education and am not a teacher yet, but from what I have heard from my teac...
by MattMaleham
30 Aug 2005, 06:42
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
Topic: Malta's TEFL qualifications
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hey cyrus where are you planning to go to, some countries abroad will accept basically anything, while otheres are fairly strict. In each country it still depends on the institution you are planning to attend, so I would recommend contacting the place you are planning to go to in order to find a mor...
by MattMaleham
30 Aug 2005, 06:36
Forum: Grammar & Usage
Topic: Emphasis words
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I agree with odyssey on that sentence stuff, but I also think it depends on who you are speaking to. If you are chatting to a mate about it, you can be a lot more casual and put emphasis (or more or less) on the words, while if you are talking to someone in a less casual manner or an employee or som...
by MattMaleham
30 Aug 2005, 06:28
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: using L1 in L2 classroom?
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hey reem I'm not even a teacher yet, I'm still at uni studying to be secondary teacher in Australia, but we are learning a whole lot about that sort of thing at uni at the moment, but I am not familiar with much about L1 and L2 stuff. What country do you teach in? I'm trying to learn as much as poss...
by MattMaleham
30 Aug 2005, 06:21
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Burn out after five years
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If you have been teaching for ages and still are not bored of teaching, what is your secret? I am still at uni studying to be a secondary teacher and I only went on my first prac last semester and I loved it, but I still have so much to learn about teaching, it kind of felt like the students were a ...