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by oshieroo
15 May 2008, 06:27
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: teaching children
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Re: teaching children

I had a private group lesson of about 8 students. The students ranged in ages from 6 to 12, with varying degrees of language ability. The first two lessons I had with them I was at a loss for words. With the wide range of levels, it was hard to decide on an activity or lesson to do with them. At the...
by oshieroo
15 May 2008, 06:07
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: theory versus practice
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Re: theory versus practice

Teaching is an art form. You said that some people are good teachers, and some people aren't. I agree, but I think that a good teacher can become a great teacher if they know a little theory. I believe that practice teaching and interacting with students is the greatest way to become a better teache...
by oshieroo
15 May 2008, 05:54
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: To plan or not to plan?
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Plan your lesson, and plan for it to change!

I don't remember where I heard this quote, but it went something like, Teaching is 10% preparation and 90% performance I live by that quote. I believe that preparation is key to anything you do involving talking or teaching other people. And while I believe the way you teach and talk to your student...
by oshieroo
14 May 2008, 12:29
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: 6 Questions - would be very grateful for a response
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Re: 6 Questions - would be very grateful for a response

Hello, I can't answer all of your questions, because I am not certified, but I'll do my best with the rest. (I am in my third year teaching English in Japan.) 3)What are some of the specific issues that need to be dealt with based on age-group? Elementary School - The energy level at this age level ...