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by joanne
28 Feb 2006, 20:42
Forum: TEFL Help
Topic: What's the difference between there is/are & runny/runni
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What's the difference between there is/are & runny/runni

Dear Lucy: I am an Engilsh teacher of young learners in Asia (and I am not a native-speaker). Please help me clearify some questions: (1) There is V.S. There are In two of the text books I am using in class, we learned sentences like: There is a living room, a dining room and a bedroom in the house....
by joanne
22 Jul 2005, 20:30
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: Is it possible to teach TEFL mainly on a part time basis?
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Teaching on a part time basis

I think you'll get a part-time job in Spain. 30 hours teaching is usually thought of as full-time because there are so many other things to do outside the class. You'll probably get something in a large town. You can also think about giving private lessons. You start getting in touch with schools no...
by joanne
18 Jul 2005, 15:06
Forum: Jobs Discussion - Europe
Topic: Teaching in France
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Teaching in France

I'm thinking of going to France to start teaching there.

Can anybody give me ideas, tips, advice on what to expect, how to find a job, etc?


by joanne
14 May 2005, 11:53
Forum: TEFL Help
Topic: Using authentic texts
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Using authentic texts

Dear madam Lucy,

Thank you very much for your help. It would be of great help if you could outline me how to create a 1 hour lesson plan based on an authentic text (e.g. holiday package pamphlets, visitors guide to places of public interest etc.).

Thanking you again,

by joanne
07 May 2005, 18:59
Forum: TEFL Help
Topic: Teaching context for have something done
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Teaching context for have something done

Hi madam Lucy, I am a new CELTA candidate. It will be very nice of you if you could answer me how to briefly outline a teaching context for presenting the following languages. 1. It's too heavy to lift. 2. I had my suit cleaned. 3. I wish she could speak Spanish. 4. I wish she would speak Spanish. 5...