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by malcolm
26 Jul 2005, 13:15
Forum: Jobs Discussion - Asia
Topic: Payment and vacation in China
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Payment during vacations

maybe it depends on how many days holiday you've taken.

If the school is closed and you're forced t take a holiday, I think you should be paid.

Try asking them about these 2 things

by malcolm
26 Jul 2005, 13:12
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
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If you want to teach kids in a state school, you'd need more than just a cert in YL.

If you want to teach in a private language school, just a cert in TEFL shouldbe enough. in my opinion, you shouldn't limit yourself by focusing on YLs

by malcolm
25 Jul 2005, 12:29
Forum: Jobs Discussion - Europe
Topic: Teaching in Turkey
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Teaching in Turkey

Hi Karen, I used to live in Turkey. I know that most small towns have a private language school. They're usually very small and with minimum equipment and resources. hOwever, Turkish students are a pleasure to teach. If you don't mind small schools and creating your own materials, I'm sure you'll fi...
by malcolm
20 Mar 2005, 12:25
Forum: Jobs Discussion - Europe
Topic: Teaching in the UK
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Teaching in the UK

What I know about teaching in the UK is that it is very seasonal. In the summer there's loads of work when people come from other countries to combine a holiday and study. You'll start seeing in the Guardian on Tuesdays loads of ads for this sort of work. Getting a year round job is a different matt...
by malcolm
20 Mar 2005, 12:17
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: Teaching English to minority ethnic groups
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Teaching minority ethnics

I think you need to teach using only English: this can be done by using mime, gestures, pictures and other visual aids.

I fyou keep the English very simple and support it with aids, you should get there.
by malcolm
20 Mar 2005, 12:15
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: Teaching Teenagers
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Teaching teenagers

Difficult to say. It depends on your objectives and the frequency of study. I would say a big test at the end of each term;eg Christmas, Spring and summer. You could also give small tests at the end of a study block. EG after a few weeks work on past tenses, a small test to evaluate progress. I thin...
by malcolm
20 Mar 2005, 12:09
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: Advice for the newest
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Advice for new teachers

I think you could try winging it. yOu already have experience of language teaching, whether or not the students were captive; youwere still teaching. If you find TEFL and CTEFL confusing; it's all very simple. CTEFL is a certificate in TEFL. TEFL is teaching English as a foreign language. So when yo...
by malcolm
17 Mar 2005, 12:03
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: Group of adults in a factory learning general English
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Teaching English to factory workers

Hi Sera, I suggest you start by finding out what they are learning English for. improve their promotion chances at work? is the factory going to be bought out and they'll have to speak English at work? or is it just for fun and going on holiday? When you know why they're learning, you can start plan...
by malcolm
17 Mar 2005, 11:59
Forum: Grammar & Usage
Topic: Long vowels and Reduced Long Vowels
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Long vowels and reduced long vowels


I couldn't get through to your website.

I haven't heard of this. Is the difference between long vowels like ee in "me" and diphthongs like /ai/ in my?

can't say any more mate
by malcolm
17 Mar 2005, 11:56
Forum: Jobs Discussion - Europe
Topic: Working & living in Turkey
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Working and living in Turkey

I worked in Turkey for two years but not in Istanbul. I was in Ankara. Turkish people were really nice, hospitable and friendly. I visited Istanbul a few times and there was a different atmosphere. There's the bussle of a big city, extremes of wealth and poverty and the inevitable tourist traps. All...
by malcolm
17 Mar 2005, 11:49
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Burn out after five years
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Getting tired after 5 years

Kevin, A way to get motivated is to go to a conference or trade fair. You'll get loads of new ideas and come away motivated. yOu could also try doing a new qualificaiton. YOur school might help pay this. Have you got the Dip? YOu could also try teaching something new like kids, business English, wha...
by malcolm
24 Feb 2005, 14:19
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Using a corpus
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Using a corpus with students

There are loads of exercises you can do with a corpus. for example, students can look for words that end in "ing". The corpus will give them phrases that contain "ing" words. Students can then deduce or revise rules for the use of verb + ing. you can also try combinations like "remember to do someth...
by malcolm
24 Feb 2005, 14:13
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Using CALL with students
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Using CALL with students

You can use internet as interactive reading practice. find a website that corresponds to something you've been working on in class. Prepare a worksheet with questions, students find hte answers on the website. This can be used to practise language that has been studied, eg sports, cooking. Students ...