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by pucca
10 Aug 2007, 08:12
Forum: Grammar & Usage
Topic: The, a and an
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The first time you introduce a noun you usually use 'a/an' (indefinate articles) e.g. I bought a computer yesterday. I usually have an apple for lunch. If you continue talking about the noun you switch to 'the' (definate article) e.g. I bought a computer. The computer was expensive. (This is a gener...
by pucca
10 Aug 2007, 07:59
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: teaching children
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use of L1

I guess they need to hear the target language modelled as much as possible, especially if they are not living somewhere where they have other opportunities to speak English. But giving your grammar explanations etc in their first language should give them better understanding to apply to the English...