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by VenusEnvy
14 Jul 2007, 14:33
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: Motivation
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TeacherJoe, I took a look at your website and your ideas are great. Thanks for them. Your second principle says "Clear Goals and Instructions." I'd like to add something to that. I've had the same problem as you, Rosa. Students didn't do their homework, they came to class late or were absent too fre...
by VenusEnvy
14 Jul 2007, 14:19
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: Beginner Learners Who Are Illiterate In Their Mother Tongues
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You may also want to do some work with them on letter-sound knowledge and phonemic awareness.
by VenusEnvy
14 Jul 2007, 14:06
Forum: TEFL Help
Topic: Teaching about the War on Terrorism
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Teaching about the War on Terrorism

Hello everyone! I am currently teaching an American Culture class at a small, non-profit program in the city. My class consists of about 7 high-intermediate/advanced adult students from various countries. My program's curriculum is very loose. I basically give the students a list of various cultural...
by VenusEnvy
14 Jul 2007, 13:48
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: timing concerns - first conversation class
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It's a bit difficult to say because I don't know the level of the students, I haven't actually seen the material you are going to use, and I haven't seen what the "task" actually consists of. But, I used to have problems with organzing my time. Some activities would go over the time I thought they w...
by VenusEnvy
14 Jul 2007, 13:39
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Topic: Teaching mixed ability classes
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Hi Alex! I have this problem in the program that I am teaching in, and I have found a couple of remedies. - Always have a more advanced activity on-hand for the more advanced students. They usually finished before the lower level students and had extra time simply doing nothing. Come prepared with m...