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by Mel1959
05 Mar 2020, 13:08
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: Online teaching: The fallacy of making a quick buck
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Re: Online teaching: The fallacy of making a quick buck

Online teaching is mostly about big business sticking it to the little guy in demeaning and inequitable ways. It's the old dancing bear methaphor come to loathsome life. It's mostly for the kids of Generation Z, who seem unfazed by and unaware of the disparaging nature and negative effects of workin...
by Mel1959
18 Jan 2019, 07:57
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: BEWARE: Dave's ESL Cafe
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Re: BEWARE: Dave's ESL Cafe

Beware seems a bit strong, perhaps wary is better word for the precautionary tales of traversing the TEFL world and its many teaching job from hell. In any event, Dave is a perfect example of what happens to us—all of us—as we get older but not necessarily wiser as human beings on planet earth in th...