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by Lone
07 Feb 2020, 07:02
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Topic: gerund or participle
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gerund or participle

He won’t tolerate anyone questioning his decisions.

In the above sentence, is 'questioning' a gerund (as part of the object of the verb 'tolerate')?
Or is it a participle, modifying the pronoun 'anyone'?
by Lone
06 Sep 2018, 05:19
Forum: Grammar & Usage
Topic: Catenative Verbs
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Catenative Verbs

Dictionaries say that the verb 'tend' is intransitive when it means 'to be likely to do something or to happen in a particular way'. However, I was very puzzled to find the example sentence such as 'People tend to need less sleep as they get older.' In the above sentence, I can see that the verb 'te...
by Lone
06 Sep 2018, 04:20
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Topic: An ocean of flowers
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An ocean of flowers

Dear Joe, 'There are an ocean of flowers.' I saw this sentence in the Internet. Is it grammatically correct? I was wondering whether 'an ocean of flowers' should be treated as singular or plural. If it is singular, then the verb should be 'is' - There is an ocean of flowers. Apparently, the writer c...