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by Jasper44
20 Mar 2018, 16:54
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
Topic: Am I being realistic?
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Re: Am I being realistic?

Mike, If you're interested in Latin America then you could consider doing what I did: an online course via a Canadian organisation, followed by a one-week teaching practicum including 10 hours of observed teaching with an organisation/language school in Guadalajara, Mexico (which I think you might f...
by Jasper44
05 Feb 2018, 15:05
Forum: Grammar & Usage
Topic: Future Progressive Usage
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Re: Future Progressive Usage

Hi, Perhaps you've used this tense without really noticing it? For instance, 'When you arrive tomorrow I won't see you - I will be attending a boring work event'. In addition to the usage described in your link, we often use it informally instead of a present continuous to denote the future: 'I will...