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by Paulc
17 Apr 2014, 14:34
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
Topic: Pre celta advice
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Re: Pre celta advice

Surely CELTA providers dont expect everyone to walk through the door with perfect grasp of language awareness? Would it not be irresponsible of them to invite people like myself onto the course? Im having the same problem with my pre course task. Most of these terms are new to me and i explained thi...
by Paulc
17 Apr 2014, 13:30
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
Topic: Im freaking out!!
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Im freaking out!!

Recently I was accepted to a CELTA course. In the pre interview task, I found myself having difficulties with the grammar sections. Im a native English speaker and to my knowledge have never been taught grammar in my life, despite holding GCSE's, an -level and a degree in English Lit. I stated in th...