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by SGreene
12 Jan 2012, 15:40
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: Giving feedback on writing
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Re: Giving feedback on writing

Hi John, I know what you mean about running out of things to say. Sometimes you need to change things just for the sake of your own sanity! Try something like the following; 'This is a good/great/excellent piece of writing that communicates your message effectively. I particulalry liked your use of ...
by SGreene
28 Oct 2011, 02:43
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
Topic: getting started
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Re: getting started

Dependig on where you go in China, the demand can be so high that the mere fact that you are a native English speaker will get you a job. However, the better schools, and the better pay and conditions associated with those schools, will demand quality certificates. The only thing I would like to add...
by SGreene
28 Oct 2011, 02:36
Forum: Business English
Topic: Activities/conversation to promote English
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Re: Activities/conversation to promote English

I have found that you can do practically anything with a business English class, so long as it produces results. I particularly like to get students writing 5-minute e-mails for homework. The short time limit means they can find the time to do it and it is simialr to the amount of time they would sp...
by SGreene
28 Oct 2011, 02:21
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Advice needed for private tuition
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Re: Advice needed for private tuition

Hi Fenster,

I recently posted some free material on my webpage called '10 Things to Remember When Teaching Private Classes'. Have a look at and see what you think. I would love to hear any feedback you might have.

Good luck,

Tailor-Made English
by SGreene
04 Aug 2011, 13:44
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Two websites that I have found useful are the following;


Good luck

by SGreene
04 Aug 2011, 13:40
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: Not teaching parrots
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Re: Not teaching parrots

Hi Pengyou, I hope this reply is not too late. It sounds like you are asking all the right questions. Perhaps you could focus your research on two different aspects; speaking skills and listening skills. By finding out what we do when we are speaking and listening you will be able to refine your res...
by SGreene
03 Aug 2011, 15:17
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: Planning Private Lessons for Advanced Adults?
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Re: Planning Private Lessons for Advanced Adults?

While using news lessons occasionally can be very useful, you are right in saying that they can get very boring very quickly. I have used a lot of stuff from youtube. You can either use it online if you have access to the internet where you are teaching, or you can download the videos using one of a...
by SGreene
03 Aug 2011, 15:06
Forum: Teaching Adults
Topic: First Adult One-to-One Intermediate Lesson
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Re: First Adult One-to-One Intermediate Lesson

Hi, I have recently posted a Needs Analysis sheet that would be ideal for you to use in a first class with a 1-2-1 student. It gives you ideas of things you can talk about in your first class as well as giving you tips about what to look out for so you can work on them in future classes. Just go to ...