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by hwethorel
26 Dec 2012, 21:43
Forum: Tests & Exams
Topic: Stimulating course-books for CAE
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Stimulating course-books for CAE

Hi there, I was just wondering if anybody could recommend a course-book for a 1-to-1 student I am teaching who wants to prepare for the CAE. I have spoken briefly with my Director of Studies about this, and he seems to indicate that, on the whole, the course-books designed for this purpose can be a ...
by hwethorel
17 Feb 2011, 13:51
Forum: TEFL Help
Topic: I feel overwhelmed with my workload
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I feel overwhelmed with my workload

Hi Lucy, Sorry about the nature of this question, as it may seem not specifically about TEFL in places, but I hope it is relevant enough to belong on this forum. The thing is, I've just had to leave a TEFL job of only 2 weeks due to a feeling of being overwhelmed. It is not my first TEFL job, but th...