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by enirak
03 Mar 2011, 15:21
Forum: Games & Activities
Topic: Songs in language classes
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Re: Songs in language classses

Hello ! I have done my first practicum in elementary school and the teacher was singing with grade 1 and 2 regularly. In fact, grade 1 students were learning only with songs. So every class students were taking their scrapbook, which included the songs and the activities related to them, and they we...
by enirak
03 Mar 2011, 15:08
Forum: Special Needs
Topic: Help needed for activities for blind esl student
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Re: Help needed for activities for blind esl student

This is a very interesting topic! I will be an English teacher in about 2 years and I don't think I will have a course on how to teach to blind students... so I really appreciate the links that were suggested in the previous posts. I have done 2 practicums and haven't seen any blind student yet. In ...
by enirak
03 Mar 2011, 14:58
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Mentoring experiences?
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Re: Mentoring experiences?

Samuel, you should not only be proud of your student, but of you too because you helped him! :) Personally, I would like to know if some people have done English tutorials because I see some job offers for that and I would like to know people's point of view about such a job. What is it like? Do you...
by enirak
03 Mar 2011, 14:52
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: Teaching without a degree
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Re: Teaching without a degree

Hello Samuel! Like you, I also thought that we have to wait before teaching because that's what one school board told me (that 3rd practicum was the requirement), but I know some people in the program who are substitute teachers, so in fact, it is possible to teach even if we have done only 2 practi...
by enirak
03 Mar 2011, 14:42
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: Lesson preparation
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Re: Lesson preparation

I am also studying to become an english teacher and I have done 2 practicums yet. Your posts are very interesting and from my little experience of teaching, I can tell you that preparation is very important. When I have to plan activities in my practicum, I have to complete a chart with the reason w...