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03 Mar 2011, 15:08
Forum: Grammar & Usage
Topic: Grammar is fun?
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Re: Grammar is fun?

Grammar?? it's my favorite subject of English. You probably had Patrick Duffley as a grammar teacher in your first year in the BEALS. What I would suggest you is to use the same kind of model. Instead of having students fill in the blanks, have them complete the context so it makes sense with the gi...
03 Mar 2011, 15:01
Forum: Special Needs
Topic: What should I do if one of my students has dyslexia?
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Re: What should I do if one of my students has dyslexia?

This is really touchy but usually the school you're working in should have the resources to help you out with that. In the school where I work, I used to monitor a dyslexic girl. I helped her with her reading skills in French and I gave her a few tricks to be able to read in French with ease. She to...
03 Mar 2011, 14:53
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Mentoring experiences?
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Re: Mentoring experiences?

Hey Samuel! :D I can share with you my mentoring experience at QHS. It was awesome! I taught math in English, so I was able to practice my teaching and english skills at once with student with difficulties. The first thing I can tell you is to encourage them. Most of the students are intelligent, bu...
03 Mar 2011, 14:48
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: Teaching without a degree
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Re: Teaching without a degree

Dear Samuel, they're is indeed a way to teach without any degree. The first option available is to go deep in regions and look for desperate schools that totally need substitute English teachers or whatever teacher. Besides that, if you have connections with the school board, it's pretty easy too. I...
03 Mar 2011, 14:39
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: Original games for young learners
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Re: Original games for young learners

Hey dear Samuel, I have a few cool ideas you could use with younger learners! :D First of all, the most important thing to do is to involve them! When they take part in something, they enjoy it much more and they learn it way faster. Also, they lose the feeling that they are on a second language cla...