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by renbra
03 Mar 2011, 15:29
Forum: Games & Activities
Topic: Your own website
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Your own website

Hello What I am suggesting for your ESL classroom is to create your own web page/website. On your web page you could have a discussion forum, a calendar page, a publicity section (for students’ personal activities and interests), etc. Students could put whatever they like on your website. It makes t...
by renbra
03 Mar 2011, 15:15
Forum: Special Needs
Topic: Attention Disorder
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Attention Disorder

Hello, I would like tricks and tools on how to deal with students that have attention disorders. I have experienced, in one of my classes, a student that had a really bad attention disorder. In addition, I had to give him his medication in class, which made me feel very uncomfortable. What I would l...
by renbra
03 Mar 2011, 15:02
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Brand New Student Teacher
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Re: Brand New Student Teacher

Well, perhaps I can help you. I am not doing or haven’t done a CELTA. However, I am student-teacher like you and I might be able to give you some advice. I am currently doing a Bachelor’s degree in ESL. What I can say is that always keep in mind that it is your career you are working on, so don’t be...
by renbra
03 Mar 2011, 14:52
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: Not being native it an issue?
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Re: Not being native it an issue?

Hello, My impression on being a native speaker or not to teach the language is that it does not really matter whether you are native or not. What matters is your teaching skills and your knowledge for the language you are teaching. I think there are benefits for both native and non-native teachers. ...
by renbra
03 Mar 2011, 14:37
Forum: Teaching Young Learners
Topic: A super-slow learner in my class, any suggestions?
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Re: A super-slow learner in my class, any suggestions?

Hello, I also had a slow learner in one of my groups. What I did is that I personally gave him extra lessons during lunchtime or during recess. I can tell that it does work. In my case it was boy also, and he knew that he had problems and he wanted to do the extra work in order to get better in clas...