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by Swerve
20 Nov 2010, 03:32
Forum: Jobs Discussion
Topic: online degree?
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Re: online degree?

I would think so long as your Degree didn't read "online" on the certificate and you didn't receive it through a "Diploma Mill" you would get by just fine. MANY legitimate brick and mortar institutions offer online degrees and there are also completely online ones that are well accredited. I know th...
by Swerve
19 Nov 2010, 18:59
Forum: Jobs Discussion - Asia
Topic: Teaching legally without a degree in Taiwan
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Re: Teaching legally without a degree in Taiwan

I also am interested in teaching with an AA + TEFL. I wrote to Hess about the legitimacy of getting a work permit with said credentials and I was informed that they accept this on a case by case basis. So even if you were to get accepted by Hess, if they deny your work permit then they will not be a...