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by jonford
10 Sep 2010, 15:52
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
Topic: Saxoncourt teacher training
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Saxoncourt teacher training

I was wondering if anybody has taken the CELTA course at the Saxoncourt teacher training centre on South Molton street and if you can recommend it?
by jonford
05 Sep 2010, 19:42
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
Topic: CELTA course?
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CELTA course?

I'm very interested in doing a CELTA course, but as someone who wants to go overseas and work, probably in schools to start with, is a CELTA course neccessary being a course aimed at the teaching of adults?
by jonford
01 Sep 2010, 13:27
Forum: Teacher Training Discussion
Topic: Celta Interview
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Re: Celta Interview

I'm interested in a celta or tesol course and JohnJ your final paragraph has asked my question. I too am interested in doing a course overseas and would like to know if the conditions and qualifications of a course overseas are just as valid and recognised or if a course in uk hold a bit more weight...