Christmas Fun and Games Lesson Plan

free, downloadable lesson plan with Student Worksheet and Teacher's Notes

Lesson Plan at a Glance

  • Lesson Function 1: Introduce and practise topic-related vocabulary.
  • Lesson Function 2: Create opportunities for practising fluency.
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Time: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Preparation: Photocopy 1 worksheet per student


A very enjoyable, upbeat lesson for your Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate students at Christmas time.

Get your students guessing with a quick True or False quiz on the topic of Christmas! Let them have fun solving the topic-related anagrams!

Then challenge them to make as many words as they can from the word "Christmas" – you'll be surprised how many they come up with!


Christmas Fun and Games - Student Worksheet

Christmas Fun and Games - Teacher's Notes

This is a downloadable lesson plan that you can photocopy and distribute freely provided you do not modify its content.