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20 ESL Teaching Tips

Liz ReganThe helpful ESL Teaching Tips by Liz Regan on this page are written in plain, jargon-free English. They'll be of particular help to new teachers, and experienced teachers may find them useful as refreshers. They are also referenced in our topic-based worksheets.

The teaching tips below are in printer-friendly PDF format but you can also view these same teaching tips online.

1: Pairwork/Groupwork

2: Reading Aloud

3: Checking Understanding

4: Pronunciation

5: Speaking to Other Students in English

6: Guessing Answers

7: Stopping an Activity

8: Feedback

9: Dealing with Vocabulary Queries

10: Monitoring

11: Error Correction

12: Eliciting

13: Checking Together

14: Reading before Writing

15: Brainstorming

16: Personalising

17: Translating

18: Pacing

19: Concept Checking

20: Using Dictionaries