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Cambridge English Programs Coordinator in Guatemala City (B1 or better Spanish required)

Posted By: Oxford Language Center
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2020 GMT

One position available, start date April 2020.

Oxford Language Center (OLC) has been a leader in English language instruction and test preparation in Guatemala City since 2004. We offer a unique opportunity to build a skillset that is very attractive to ESL employers.

The Cambridge Coordinator is ultimately responsible for every aspect of staff selection and training, sales, school consulting, and delivery of service for Cambridge Exams programs at and outside Oxford Language Center. Our Cambridge Exams programs include running all Cambridge English and IELTS exams in Guatemala official, providing support and training to schools using Cambridge exams, and provision of simulated exams to schools and organizations. This position requires a high level of organisational skills as the coordinator must organize and supervise large numbers of exams involving very complex and sensitive logistics.

Please see the bottom of this post for a more detailed description of this position.

We offer a two-year renewable contract as a full-time member of staff earning a monthly base salary of Q8,000 ($1040.00), plus commissions, plus exam day payments. You will be working Monday to Friday and some Saturdays.

You are living in Guatemala and we want you to be able to take full advantage of your time here. We include 3 hours of Spanish classes a week so you can confidently navigate your new surroundings. We provide your first week (six nights) housing, close to the school and shared with our teachers with the option of continuing to live there through a private agreement between you and the landlord. For when you want to explore other parts of the country, there are a number of national holidays and extra time off to travel. Finally, we will support you in the visa renewal process, a key part of Guatemalan expat culture!

* Native-level English speaker
* Spanish at B1 or higher
* CELTA or equal second-language teaching qualification
* At least two years teaching a foreign language (not necessarily English)
* Bachelor's degree (if your teaching qualification isn’t a degree)
* Positive, flexible, detail orientated, hardworking, self-motivated and disciplined

* Two years experience teaching English as a foreign language
* Sales Experience
* Invigilation and speaking exam experience
* Cambridge English experience

APPLICATION PACKAGE (please include all items to be considered for the position)
1. Cover letter
2. Resume/CV
3. Recent photo
4. Letter of recommendation, if available
5. The date you would be available to start
6. Email information to jobs@olcenglish.com


Critical Responsibilities
1) Sales - Leads all sales efforts for Cambridge/simulated exams and is responsible for increasing sales by 20% each year.
2) Communication - Creates transparency and ease of access to Cambridge information through clear and detailed reports, emails, and Google Drive documents.
3) Organisation - creates systems to keep track of contracts, commissions, agreements, rates, and costs, etc needed to run Cambridge Exams.
4) Centre Exams Manager (CEM) - Executes official and simulated exams to the standard set by Cambridge Regulations
5) Leads, Manages, and Holds Accountable - Responsible for the success of the program in terms of finances, human resources, and reputation of Cambridge and Oxford in Guatemala.

1) Sales - Sells and promotes the Cambridge Assessment English Exams and Oxford Simulated Exams
* Organizes, executes and evaluates sales campaigns to promote English assessment exams
* Development, communication and implementation of sales policies and procedures
Manages the CRM

- Adopts, masters, and teaches the CRM platform chosen by management

- Tracks clients & sales process using the CRM
* Leads and is accountable for the sale process

- Lead Cultivation

- Follow Up Processes

- Meetings

- Quotes

- Contracts
* Sets and meets Oxford Language Center’s exam sales targets

- Writes timeline of yearly sales to ensure success

- Uses team wisely for support

- Responsible for landing the sale

- Promotes the Cambridge exams to Oxford students
* Attends all school and Cambridge sales meetings to promote services.

- Upsells services, sees and takes opportunities to sell and promote

- Attends in-country events
* Selects and focuses on services that are truly helpful and scalable
* Reviews and uses OLC produced materials for sales meetings
* Organizes yearly events in Guatemala for school contacts as a way of promoting Oxford and our services to the target market.
* Hosts The Anglo and/or Cambridge English when in Guatemala to ensure we continue to promote the services and build our relationship with the two organizations.

2) Communication - Creates and uses communication systems that allow information to be easily accessible to other team members.
* Manages all communication with Cambridge Assessment English and The Anglo

- Develops and builds on relationships with Cambridge and The Anglo
* Adopts and masters the communication tools dictated by management.
* Regularly updates Oxford’s administration team of any changes, exam dates, etc through the appropriate mediums.
* Reports and Presents Program Data

- Keeps detailed records of the number of official exams

- Keeps detailed records of the costs of running exams

- Presents detailed data to provide a return on investment report
* Attends weekly Level Ten Meeting with an open and honest attitude to communication

3) Organisation
* Writes and keeps copies of all contracts relating to Cambridge and Simulated Exams

- Sets payment dates for clients and salary dates for teachers

- Sends information to accounting team

- Checks in each month with accounting to ensure payments are on track
* Reviews and understands current commission and pricing between Oxford Language Center and The Anglo Mexican Foundation
* Responsible for all contracts with The Anglo Mexican Foundation including commission contracts, payments, costs and any other agreements

4) Centre Exams Manager (CEM) - Manage relationships with Cambridge English, Cambridge International and The Anglo Mexican Foundation
* Take on the role of Centre Exams Manager for Cambridge Assessment English
* Attends team meetings and training in Mexico with The Anglo Mexican Foundation and Cambridge Assessment English if and when necessary
* Hosts Cambridge Assessment English and The Anglo Mexican Foundation visits
* Ensures a high standard of exam administration, customer service and compliance with regulations
* Trains and hires staff needed for exams
* Keeps up to date and execute exam regulations
* Ensures the centre’s compliance with the terms of its centre
* Liaises with Team Leader to ensure (s)he is up to date with the assessments and trainings
* Liaises with exams officer to ensure the exams are run efficiently and professionally every time to maintain a strong reputation in Guatemala.

5) Lead and manage Cambridge Assessment English programme
* Completes the training programme to become an oral examiner and invigilator for all Cambridge English exams
* Runs all Cambridge Assessment English exams, simulated and official including the pre-exam logistics, on the day processes and post-exam needs.
* Recruits, on-boards and inducts, manages and removes if necessary oral examiners, invigilators, supervisors and runners
* Keeps detailed, accessible, inspection appropriate and accurate records of all Cambridge related activities carried out each year and the costs involved with each exam.
* Tracks, reports and present this information to management team periodically

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