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Common Abbreviations

Here are some common English abbreviations used in everyday life and business.

a/c     account
a.m. before noon (ante meridiem)
a.s.a.p. as soon as possible
cc: copies to
c/o care of
Co. Company
e.g. for example (exemplii gratia)
enc. enclosed
exc. excluding
f.o.b. free on board
G.M.T. Greenwich Mean Time
HQ headquarters
i.e. that is (id est)
inc. including
Inc. Incorporated
Ltd Limited
Mr Mr (pronounced Mister)
Mrs Mrs (pronounced Missiz)
Miss Miss
Ms Ms (pronounced Miz)
no. number
p.a. per annum
P.L.C. Public Limited Company
p.m. after noon (post meridiem)
p.t.o. please turn over
Rd Road
re referring to
St Saint
St. Street
v.a.t. value added tax