Animal Adventures (ESL Activity)

Level: elementary+

Practises: listening, speaking

The teacher tells a story about an animal, but repeatedly asks the students to guess what, why, where, what next etc. Example:

Teacher: A cat did something very naughty. What did it do?

Students: It ate some cheese.

T: No.

SS: It attacked the pet bird.

T: Yes! That's right! But why?

SS: Because it was hungry.

T: No.

SS: Because it was jealous.

T: Yes! What do you think happened then?

SS: The owners came home.

T: Yes! (or No.)

etc, etc, etc

Each time the students "guess" something, there is another question. In reality there is no original story. It is the students who unknowingly invent it.

Of course, the "story" could be about other subjects too, and used at other levels.