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ESL Activities

Here are some ideas for practical classroom activities in an ESL setting.


These improvisations are not role-plays or simulations (although many of them can be adapted as such). The objective here is total spontaneity.

Teaching with Dictation

Ideas for long and short dictation texts to build in to your lesson plans.

Funny English

A collection of curious signs in hotels and other public places around the world. Useful fillers for your lesson plans.

Activities by Level

Many of these are classic activities used around the world wherever people teach languages. They can be extremely valuable in introducing dynamism and reinforcing the points that you, the teacher, have taught.


Animal Adventures

Songs for All

Typical Day

When You Turn Off the Light

Vocabulary Cards



Authentic Cooking


Double Jeopardy


Lion Tamer


The Laughing English Teacher

Verbs and Tenses


Alternative Assessment

Beat the Teacher

Book Cover

Consonant or Vowel

Controversial Statements

Delivering a Persuasive Speech


Language through Drama

Past Mime

Reading Comprehension

Saint Valentine's Day


Vacation Fun

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