TP Worksheet – On Balance!

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A lesson on the unusual, but universal, subject of balance. Students discuss questions such as “Do you think children have a better sense of balance than adults?” in a fluency activity before moving on to discover expressions and idioms connected with the word “balance”. For example, “bank balance”. Practice of these phrases is provided in a gap-fill activity. Finally further practice of fluency is  provided with questions such as “Do you eat a balanced diet?” and “In which jobs do you think having an excellent sense of balance is especially important?”

Talking Point Worksheet – On Balance!

Talking Point Teacher’s Notes – On Balance!

Written by Liz Regan for Teflnet November 2016
Since taking the RSA CELTA Liz has worked for the British Council in Milan, gaining her RSA Diploma there. Apart from working as a freelance in-company language trainer, Liz is also an oral examiner for the Cambridge University Main Suite exams (KET, PET, FCE and CPE) as well as the BEC Preliminary, Vantage and Higher exams. She is a qualified practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

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