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January 2019 | TEFL.net


Started in the UK in 2018, eslactive.com is a site made by TEFL teachers for TEFL teachers.

eslactive is a cleanly formatted site with really practical resources for teachers, including a Warmer of the Day and a very handy Vocabulary Image Generator which instantly creates images for you from categories such as animals, daily routines, jobs and weather—with or without the vocab.

Other site sections include:

  • Games
  • Activities
  • Projects
  • Conversation
  • Interactive

One of their missions is to help TEFL become greener in general. To this end they encourage the use of communicative activities and discourage printing. “We feel strongly,” they write, “that by combining use of the communicative approach with technology, we can not only make our profession much greener, but also achieve higher levels of engagement with our students.”

An interesting and original TEFL website that you will surely want to bookmark.


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  • Jane B says:

    Great choice of site thanks. Just had a quick look and very impressed. Well and truly bookmarked. I look forward to more SOTMs!

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