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August 2013 | TEFL.net

LingleOnline Ltd

LingleOnline Ltd

LingleOnline is a subscription-based site that generates lesson materials based on an authentic text. Lingle allows teachers to search for appropriate texts for their students in a database full of thousands of articles based on current events. Readings in the database are categorized by topic, level of difficulty, date, and source. Teachers can also upload their own texts. After choosing a text, teachers can create a quick lesson by filling out a few simple fields. The analysis engine generates learning materials based on choices that the teacher makes. The materials, which include items such as a glossary, gap-fills, word and paragraph ordering, and written comprehension tasks can be printed out or shared with other Lingle members. Teachers can sign up for a free trial account to give Lingle a test run. An annual subscription is currently £40 per member. The Lingle management team, which is based out of Ireland, is committed to helping students develop real-world literacy skills.


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