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June 2013 | TEFL.net



If you have visual learners in your classes, Grammar.net publishes free grammar review infographics that you can use in your teaching. You can share the infographics in your social media communities or school blogs, or email the links to your students. Be sure to give credit to Grammar.net each time you share one of their infographics. You can also download high resolution versions of the posters and print them for your classroom walls, doors, and billboards. Each infographic comes with a detailed explanation that will help refresh your memory about English language rules. If you are uncomfortable with your own grammar, you may also want to experiment with Grammar.net’s Grammar Checker. The Grammar Checker will give you some handy tips and suggestions for cleaning up your own writing. You can try the Grammar Checker by copying and pasting some text into the textbox on the top of Grammar.net’s homepage. If you like the Grammar Checker, you can download it for free. Keep in mind that the Grammar Checker is automated and doesn’t always give the best advice!



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