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February 2013 | TEFL.net

Demand High ELT

Demand High ELT

The concept of “Demand High,” which has been defined as an idea that focuses on moment-by-moment learning, was coined by Adrian Underhill and Jim Scrivener, two experienced teacher trainers in the ELT field. Their blog “Demand High ELT” explores the idea of “deep learning,” and challenges teachers to find new ways to optimize learning in the classroom. Scrivener and Underhill are interested in discovering how teachers can help learners stretch their understanding and use of the English language. By demanding a bit more from learners at key moments, and by reflecting on their own teaching rituals and attitudes, ELTs may be able to help students achieve higher skills and goals. The Demand High site asks teachers to think about questions like this: “What is the minimum tweak necessary at any point in any lesson to shift the activity sideways into the “challenge zone”?” The blog features articles, teaching ideas, observation task worksheets, and video clips that can help teachers explore and even contribute to the development of “Demand High” in ELT.


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