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April 2013 | TEFL.net

American Tesol Webinars

American TESOL Webinars

Every Friday at 4pm EST on the American TESOL website you can watch free 30-minute webinars about teaching English. The webinar speaker is Shelly Terrell, an English language teacher, consultant, social media expert, and writer who travels around the world inspiring teachers to keep their students motivated. The webinars open in Adobe Connect, a program that allows you to watch, listen, and contribute via chat or voice. All you need to do to join the webinar is go to the American TESOL website and click on the link to the Live webinar. Type your name and enter the room as a guest. You can use your twitter account as your name if you want other teachers who are in attendance to be able to follow you. Shelly Terrell has covered a wide variety of teaching topics, and you can view all of the archived webinars in your own time.
American TESOL webinars

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