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Teach at University in Japan! – The Greater Tokyo Area, Nagoya, and Osaka

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Recruitment for Spring 2024 - Overseas Candidates Welcome!

Spring 2024 Now Recruiting – Overseas Candidates Welcome! We are accepting applications for teaching positions: Calling all candidates willing to come to Japan or living here already! HOW TO APPLY: Please read the “Application Information for the Spring 2024 Term” on our website for more details and fill out the Online Application Form. We will contact you by email shortly after you have completed the form. You can also find more information about our programs and policies on our website. ***** UNIVERSITY PROGRAM ***** 1) PROGRAM INFORMATION: We are seeking highly motivated educators to teach English at universities in Japan. This unique opportunity is for bright teachers eager to enrich their teaching skills while realizing the dream of exploring a foreign country. 2) QUALIFICATIONS: – University graduates with a bachelor’s and/or more advanced degree, plus one of the following: a) experience teaching EFL/ESL in a classroom environment, along with a teaching certificate (TEFL/TESL/TESOL) and/or teaching credentials or qualifications (elementary/primary/secondary) b) 1000+ hours of EFL/ESL classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching certificates, credentials or qualifications * No Japanese language ability is required. 3) CONTRACT PERIOD: – SPRING TERM — April / May to July (approx. 3 to 4 months) – FALL TERM — September to December / January (approx. 3 to 5 months) 4) LOCATION: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Nagoya, and Osaka 5) COMPENSATION: – Approximately 260,000 yen per month for instructors with a teaching certificate or qualification, but less than 499 hours of actual classroom teaching experience – Approximately 275,000 yen per month or more for instructors with a teaching certificate or qualification who have 500+ hours of actual classroom teaching experience – Approximately 275,000 yen per month or more for instructors who have 1000+ hours of actual classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching qualifications *Note: Compensation is based on an hourly rate of pay. Exact monthly earnings fluctuate but over the course of a contract period average out to the figures listed above. 6) OTHER: – HOUSING can be arranged at the cost listed below, which covers rent, utilities, and monthly maintenance fees: a) 81,000 yen per month for a private room in a social residence, or b) 98,000 yen per month for a studio-type apartment – FLIGHT REIMBURSEMENT of up to 1600 USD for those coming to Japan for Spring 2024 (Different limits may apply for those offered a Young Learners or Secondary School English Program year-long contract) – WORKING VISA SPONSORSHIP is available – RENEWABLE contract **** ATTENTION **** We are also looking for candidates with the following background and experience: – Master’s degree or higher – Total 3 years’ experience (6 or more terms/semesters) in teaching at university/community college (all subjects) ABOUT WESTGATE: Westgate aims to shape the future of English education in Japan. We have been providing conversation-based practical English lessons since 1983 and hire over 400 instructors every year. Generations of Japanese students have developed their communicative English skills and cultural awareness on our programs. As well as helping to shape the direction of our students’ lives and careers, we have also been a gateway to career development for countless English instructors around the world. Find out more about Westgate at https://www.westgatejapan.com/.

To apply for this job please visit www.westgatejapan.com.

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