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Young Learners Ideas

How to Use the Game Stations in EFL Classes
Alex Case
How to make an incredibly fun running-around game also incredibly useful.

Fun Teaching Ideas On The Topic Of Toys
Alex Case
Making one of the most interesting topics even more so, and useful communication too.

Fun Practice Of The Time For Young Learners
Alex Case
Games, puzzles, stories and songs for intensive practice of “four o’clock”, “half past five” etc.

Using Animals To Teach Other Language Points
Alex Case
Using the incredibly popular topic of animals to teach much more useful language.

Variations on classic YL games ~ Slap
Alex Case
Five ways to play a simple and very fun game that practises any language on flashcards

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
Alex Case
Using the song “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” in EFL classes.

Teaching chunks to Very Young Learners
Michelle Worgan
Why and how to teach chunks – expressions or short sentences – to children, and why it may work better than teaching individual words.

Reading “Where’s Spot” in EFL class
Alex Case
How to use the all-time classic children’s book “Where’s Spot?” in class for all levels and for ages 2 to 9.

Using “Ten in the Bed” picture book/song in EFL class
Alex Case
Ideas for using the popular song “Ten in a Bed” and any of the many books based upon it.

How to use Primary iDictionary CD ROM in class
Alex Case
Ideas on how to use multimedia content with the under 11s

Using the picture book “From Head to Toe” in EFL classes
Alex Case
From Head to Toe is one of the most popular books from the famous storybook writer and illustrator Eric Carle. Like most books that are popular with native speaker children, it goes down much better with language learners than books especially written for EFL if it is used properly. It is easy to find in […]

18 fun activities connected to the topic of amusement parks
Alex Case
I sat down to brainstorm these ideas and write some of them up as lessons to match a particular unit in the Oxford University Press textbook for teenagers Challenges 1 that I am using, but this is such a popular topic for young learners and teenagers that I would use many of the ideas again […]

Fun Ways to Teach Young Children Vocabulary
Mariana Popescu
As language teachers with more or less teaching experience, we have often wondered how we can better educate our pupils so that they gain self-confidence speaking their second language, as well as being able to read, write and even more important speak it. In fact the answer is found when we ask another common question: […]

15 ways to finish a preschool English lesson
Alex Case
1. Something happy This is to make them go away with a good feeling about the class, as at this age their memories are short and they might not remember 25 minutes of fun by the time they speak to their parents if the last 2 minutes were boring. Possibilities include upbeat songs (if possible, […]

15 fun ways of using pre-school storybooks
Alex Case
Original ideas from Alex Case

15 techniques for calming down a pre-school class
Alex Case
“Cooler” activities and techniques like these below can be good for classes who tend to lose concentration and/ or get injured when they get overexcited, to change pace when there has been something like someone crying that interrupted a previous activity, to let them get their energy back before the next active stage, and/ or […]

15 variations for large pre-school classes
Alex Case
If you have a large class of pre-school aged kids, for example 45 three-year-olds, you can have the problem that not only do the games that work with older ages not work, but neither do the ones that work with smaller classes. Do not despair! Rather than throwing away

15 fun sit down activities for pre-school classes
Alex Case
Although movement and fun are two important elements you should try to put into every kindergarten English class, sometimes you will need sit down activities like these below to calm students down, regain discipline and/ or let the teacher get his or her energy back. These activities are also useful for kindergartens where the policy […]

15 flashcard activities for any pre-school English class
Alex Case
Great ideas for kindergarten, including problem classes such as large classes, mixed-level classes etc

15 uses for guessing games in any pre-school English class
Alex Case
As much as singing, moving around, chanting, colouring in etc are all vital parts of a pre-school English lesson that can take some getting used to if you haven’t taught very young learners before, sometimes the most intensive language practice can come from variations on games you play with your adult classes. The descriptions below […]

15 variations on TPR (Total Physical Response) for little kids
Alex Case
1. You are your hand If there are problems with lack of space, noise, discipline and/ or potential breakages in the classroom with students running around, you can get them doing the usual action words for pre-school classes

15 easy ways for multiple choice
Alex Case
1. Try to answer without looking at the options, and then look at them Students often find the three wrong answers in the question so distracting that

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