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Writing Ideas

Teaching Spelling: Activities to Improve Your Students’ Spelling
Rose Lewis
This article outlines the importance of teaching spelling, and eight activities that students can try in class and at home.

A Lesson Plan Suggestion to Teach Academic Comparison and Contrast
Aytaged Zeleke
In this article, I want to share a lesson plan that worked for my college-level English for Academic Purpose course. I hope to get feedback.

Yet another 15 ways to make writing interactive
Alex Case
1. Interview and write Students interview their partner and write it up as an article, CV, letter of application etc. The person who was interviewed then reads it to check for facts and whether they’d like anything added. You could also have several people writing up the same interview and comparing their finished pieces of […]

Making writing interactive
Alex Case
1. Collaborative writing Getting students to write together automatically means there is interaction between them. Possible problems when doing this include: the stronger or more dominant student having the pen and the others doing nothing, students doing all their speaking in L1 and only writing in English, students and groups who concentrate too much on […]

Writing Creatively in Another Language
Gill James
Even beginner learners can be creative in the way they use language