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How to Maintain Discipline in a TEFL Class
Adam Graham
6 tips on keeping control and maintaining discipline with large groups of children or teenagers

How to Make Sure Students Get What They Need from Lesson One
Alex Case
Activities to give students vital language and practice from the very first class.

100 Things to Consider When Testing and Reviewing ELT Materials
Alex Case
How to judge textbooks, self-study books, online materials, photocopiable worksheets etc when writing a review or choosing something for your school.

Things in Common
Alex Case
Ways of improving class cohesion while practising loads of language

Ways to Learn Students’ Names
Alex Case
1. Descriptions This is the method I most often use- writing things by the side of the class list describing each person so that I can remember who is who. You will probably want to keep this secret from the students and even other teachers, as the easiest thing to learn their names from is often […]

Internet Based Language Instruction, A Lesson Plan
Aubrey Neil Leveridge
Lesson Overview Course: Second Year University English Language Program (Taiwan): Public Speaking Forum Number of Students: approximately 25 Age of Students: 18 to 35 years Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Duration: 1 Hour and 40 minutes, with a 10 minute break. Topic: Interview with an international volunteer.

Successful Teaching Ideas
Aubrey Neil Leveridge
These notes are taken from a workshop given at Chung Yuan Christian University by Aubrey Neil Leveridge on September 4,2008. Quick, easy to read, these points will help teachers with new classroom ideas.

15 Punishments for Pre-school English Classes
Alex Case
The difficulty of keeping control of 3-year-olds who haven’t learnt what working together means yet, or 5-year-olds who have learnt how much fun it is to change the words of every song and the pronunciation of every word, is difficult enough; but many of us teachers of English in kindergartens have to do so without […]

15 Problems and Solutions for Large Pre-school Classes
Alex Case
1. You can’t individually ask them their names and ages If this is a problem because you actually want to know their names for purposes of classroom control etc (and it is great for that), the best solution is to ask someone to prepare name badges, preferably in roman script as well if it isn’t […]

The Fifteen Stages of Teaching Numbers
Alex Case
The teaching of numbers in English is something that can start in the first class with two year olds and come up against their own development in maths and confusions with L1 all the way through school, and even then still be a challenge for an Advanced Financial English class to

15 Ways to Stay Motivated to Teach
Alex Case
1. Set yourself goals One of the things that can make teachers lose motivation is the whole thing becoming a grind of lesson after lesson with no clear final aim. There is another whole article on possible goals to keep yourself motivated

15 Variations on PPP
Alex Case
PPP (Present that language, do some controlled practice on that point, and then give students a production speaking and/ or writing task where they can use the same language) is in the strange situation of being rarely supported, especially in comparison with the Task Based Approach, but much used- again in comparison with TBA! Below […]

Teaching Multi-level Classes
Tara Benwell
Multi-level classrooms are as varied as the students in them. Most often, they include students who communicate in English at a variety of different levels

Teaching Large Classes
Tara Benwell
Most teachers agree that teaching a small group of students is easier, more enjoyable, and less time consuming than teaching a large group. Unfortunately, due to budgets, space, or lack of teachers, many ESL schools only offer large classes. In some schools, large classes may consist of up to 50 or more students. While your […]

Teaching Small Classes
Tara Benwell
Most teachers would agree that teaching a small class comes with many benefits. Teachers can offer one-on-one assistance at times and are more likely to meet the individual needs of their students. Some teachers, however, find it quite challenging to keep their students interested and excited about learning in a small class

15 Things to Do with a Whiteboard
Alex Case
1. Play a whiteboard directions game Blindfold one student and stand them near the board with a board pen. The other students have to tell them how to draw a line between two points on the board by the route you show them.

15 Things to Do with an OHP
Alex Case
If you’ve ever made rabbit shapes with your fingers in front of the OHP, you know how fun it can be. Here are 15 ideas on how to tie that fun in with your teaching. If you don’t have an OHP, many of these can be done with just a whiteboard, a blackboard or flashcards. […]

Scene 7! Take 7! Video Cameras in the EFL/ESL Classroom
Josef Essberger
You probably already use video in the classroom – that is, you play and view video content of whatever origin. And your students certainly gain a good deal from exposure to the language-in-context that is typical of most video. But how often do you take the next logical step and venture into originating video content […]

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