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Speaking Ideas

Before and After Speaking Exercise
Joe Essberger
Use these official photos of Nagasaki before and after America’s atomic bombing for conversation practice.

Speaking Activities For Present Perfect With Unfinished Times
Alex Case
Fun oral activities for a use of Present Perfect that controlled practice is particularly important for.

Speaking Activities For “Yet” And “Already”
Alex Case
Oral practice for present perfect with “yet” and “already”.

10 Present Perfect For Experiences Activities
Alex Case
Speaking activities for the simplest use of has/have + past participle.

Games To Practise Dates
Alex Case
Fun ways to practise the surprisingly tricky topic of saying years, months and days.

Teaching Contractions
Alex Case
Why and how to teach students recognition and production of contractions like “I’m” and “we’ve”

Discussion Questions – problems & solutions
Alex Case
Perhaps because of their ease of use or for lack of better options, discussion questions are often overused and misused. This article looks at some solutions.

Discussion questions using images
Alex Case
Using photos, paintings and other pictures as the basis for discussion has never been easier but is still under-utilized.

Speaking games for (false) beginners
Alex Case
Why games can work well even for beginners

Teaching English Pronunciation to ESL Students
Shelley Vernon
Despite the importance of pronunciation, it is often neglected in teaching English. This article looks at ways to redress the balance.

15 fun activities to practise will for predictions
Alex Case
1. Video predictions Stop the video as something is about to happen and see if students can predict what it will be, such as what the character will see when they enter the room or who will end up killing who. Make sure that you only need to watch a short segment to find out […]

15 ways to correct spoken errors
Alex Case
1. Collect the errors for later You can then correct them later in the same class (with a game like a grammar auction or just eliciting corrections from the class) or in a future class (for example writing error dictation pairwork worksheets or using the same techniques as can be used in the same class). […]

12 Ways To Encourage STT
Joe Essberger
There is often fierce debate about the relative merits of Teacher Talking Time (TTT) and Student Talking Time (STT) in the classroom. Although TTT has its place in providing a model for students, it is clear that the principal objective of most students is to be able to use English verbally, ie talk as well […]