Reading TEFL Ideas

Exploiting a Text
David Mann
This article summarises a range of ways of exploiting a written text from basic comprehension tasks to more creative ways of getting the most out of it.

Physically Active Reading Activities
Alex Case
One solution to many potential problems with reading is to use texts in ways that get students physically moving around.

Combining Listening and Reading
Alex Case
1. Radio news Many sites that offer streaming or downloadable radio news also have a short text summarizing the story. Reading this before listening will make comprehension easier, especially if students discuss what they read and/ or think about what they might hear before they listen. Reading first also allows students to look up some […]

The Greek T-shirt – Facts Vs. Assumptions
Rolf Palmberg
Reading a text in a foreign language is a very complex process. It involves a variety of skills, ranging from what Neville Grant calls “plain sense reading” through “deductive reading” to “projective reading” (Grant 1987). Plain sense reading, according to Grant, requires nothing more than what the term implies – i.e. the ability to understand […]

15 Ways to Simplify Reading Texts
Alex Case
1. Shorten It is difficult for a native speaker to appreciate just how much the length of a text can make it difficult to understand due to factors like not being able to find the right information to answer a

15 Fun Ways to Switch Students on to Graded Readers (easy Readers)
Alex Case
1. Shared graded reader reviews Get students to write a review of the book they have read and read each others’ reviews before they choose their next book. When they write the review of that title,

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