Ideas for helping your students with their pronunciation

Picture flashcards for phonics
Alex Case
The simplest of all ways to teach and practise phonics – and quite fun too!

Teaching Contractions
Alex Case
Why and how to teach students recognition and production of contractions like “I’m” and “we’ve”

Teaching English Pronunciation to ESL Students
Shelley Vernon
Despite the importance of pronunciation, it is often neglected in teaching English. This article looks at ways to redress the balance.

15 top fun pronunciation games
Alex Case
1. Shadow reading Students try to speak at exactly the same speed and rhythm as the CD, then try one more time with the sound turned down in the middle of the recording to see if

15 easy ways to start using phonemics in adult classes
Alex Case
1. Photocopy some pronunciation games Lots of teachers’ books nowadays have a few photocopiable games for pronunciation. There is also a whole book full of such activities, “Pronunciation Games” by Mark Hancock, which is highly recommended.

The Name Game
Glenn Huntley
A way to get students thinking about pronunciation, using common names In the past, English teachers would stress pronunciation far more than is common today, and we now realize that there are many other important aspects of language that affect the quality of

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