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Ideas on presenting various aspects of grammar

Tips for Teaching Prepositions
Prepositions form a small but important word class, being very frequently used. In fact, the prepositions to, of, in, for, on, with, at, by, from are all in the top 25 words in English. Helping students understand and correctly use prepositions contributes greatly to their fluency. In this article, Josef Essberger, author of English Prepositions List, summarizes […]

could would should Modals
Joe Essberger
Listen as German-born actress and singer Marlene Dietrich demonstrates her perfect command of English grammar.

Teaching Articles
David Beauchamp
Six practical ideas on the teaching of the articles a/an/the

Physical Games To Practise A/An
Alex Case
TPR games for the difference between “a” and “an”.

Classroom Practice Of A/An
Alex Case
Activities for intensive practice of the two indefinite articles and the difference between them.

7 Games For Have/Have Got
Alex Case
Fun activities for “I have…”, “He has…”, “Have you got…?” etc, most of which also work well in adult beginner classes.

Fun Oral Practice Of Future Continuous Tense
Alex Case
Pairwork and groupwork for will + be + v +ing

7 Future Continuous Games
Alex Case
Fun spoken practice of will+be+verb+ing.

Speaking Activities For Present Perfect With Unfinished Times
Alex Case
Fun oral activities for a use of Present Perfect that controlled practice is particularly important for.

Speaking Activities For “Yet” And “Already”
Alex Case
Oral practice for present perfect with “yet” and “already”.

10 Present Perfect For Experiences Activities
Alex Case
Speaking activities for the simplest use of has/have + past participle.

Interactive Practice For Present Continuous For Arrangements
Alex Case
Ways of practising the future meaning of Present Continuous For Arrangements through students speaking and writing to each other.

Continuous Aspect Activities
Alex Case
Ways of combining the Present Continuous, Past Continuous and Future Continuous so that students can get a feel for the links between those three tenses.

Fun 1st Conditional Practice
Alex Case
Stimulating ways of practising “If + Present Simple, Will” sentences in the classroom.

Fun Activities For The Second Conditional
Alex Case
Stimulating ways to practise the imaginary situations and advice, negotiations and moral dilemmas meanings of the second conditional.

Adverbs Of Frequency Games
Alex Case
Motivating activities to practise expressions like “once a week” and “hardly ever”.

Essential Time Expressions
Alex Case
Common time expressions that students often misunderstand or are unaware of

Fun Practice For The Simple Past
Alex Case
Drilling games and communicative activities for intensive practice of the Past Simple

7 fun activities for mixed future tenses
Alex Case
Ideas on how to practise two or more future tenses together in ways that make their different meanings clear

Practice activities for “Going to”
Alex Case
Ideas for fun activities practising “going to for plans” and “going to for predictions with present evidence”

15 fun activities for Present Simple/Present Continuous
Alex Case
The best way of teaching the present tenses is to compare and contrast them. These ideas will show you how to do the even more difficult task of combining them in practice activities, all of them done in simple and entertaining ways.

Past Continuous activities
Alex Case
Amusing ways of giving students intensive practice of the Past Progressive tense

Explaining the Present Perfect Continuous
Alex Case
How you can give your students simple explanations to help them understand when and how to use the present perfect continuous.

24 defining and non-defining relative clause games
Alex Case
1. Trivia sentence building challenge Give or brainstorm a list of things that trivia questions are often about, e.g. the Amazon, the Statue of Liberty and Einstein. Students should choose one of the things from the list and say something true about that thing or person, e.g. “The Amazon is in South America”. Their partner […]

Countable and uncountable noun games
Alex Case
1. Picture difference Students ask each other “Is there any milk?” or “Are there any sandwiches?” to find the differences in their pictures. This is best done with photocopies of drawings which have been changed with tippex and pen, but is also possible with two completely different pictures from magazines. A variation that works well […]

Fun activities for prepositions of time
Alex Case
1. Prepositions of time SNAP Prepare playing cards with the preposition of time replaced with a gap, with at least two different prepositions in the pack and approximately the same number of cards for each preposition- for example, 10 cards with “at” missing, 10 cards with “in” missing, plus maybe 10 cards with “on” missing. […]

Fun activities for practising A, An and The
Alex Case
1. Disappearing text Put a text on the board including examples of the meanings of articles that you have presented or are going to present, and have one student or team of students read it out loud. They then choose one word and that is covered or erased. The next person or team must then […]

Yet another 15 games for Reported Speech
Alex Case
1. Reporting the whole course Students report something someone in the class (including the teacher) said, and the other students try to guess or remember who said it. This is nice near the end of a course or as part of a revision lesson. 2. Tell on his errors Students watch a segment of a […]

15 variations on Grammar Reversi
Alex Case
Grammar Reversi is a game first described, I believe, in More Grammar Games by Paul Davis and Mario Rinvolucri and that I have used in almost every adult and teenage course I’ve had since discovering it. It is a variation of the game Othello, redesigned for language practice. The original game, Othello, is similar to […]

More Reported Speech games
Alex Case
I always used to get stuck for interesting games that involved Reported Speech and so tended to skip through that unit of the book quite quickly and then spend far too much time on the First Conditional just because it is so much fun. Not anymore! After sitting down for some serious brainstorming the last […]

Fun ways of practising Reported Speech
Alex Case
Alex Case offers 15 ideas for getting learners to use indirect speech

Practising third and mixed conditionals
Alex Case
1. Options tree Students tell their partners about big decisions they have made in their life, and then decide with their partner how their life would have branched off from where it went if any of those decisions had gone the other way, drawing them on the page like an upside down tree. To add more […]

15 fun activities to practise will for predictions
Alex Case
1. Video predictions Stop the video as something is about to happen and see if students can predict what it will be, such as what the character will see when they enter the room or who will end up killing who. Make sure that you only need to watch a short segment to find out […]

15 fun games for the Present Continuous
Alex Case
1. Present Continuous Mimes Students mime whole Present Continuous sentences until the other students say the whole correct sentence. It is important they don’t stop until people guess

15 fun Present Perfect activities
Alex Case
Here are fifteen fun ways to elicit, present and practise the Present Perfect.