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Fillers & Warmers Ideas

Ways to start an adult lesson
Alex Case
1. Chat Especially in adult classes with few students and at higher levels, this is probably the world’s most used “warmer”. And for good reason- many people choose to take extra lessons precisely because they feel they didn’t learn to chat in English at school. The magic word here, though, is “learn”. Just as listening […]

15 ways of starting a preschool English lesson
Alex Case
1. Entrance drill Students line up outside the classroom and are asked questions or at least say hello to the teacher as they enter the room. This gives each student some personal attention, shows any parents waiting outside what their children can do in English and stops them rushing into the classroom together. You can […]

15 physical warmers and games that work well with adults
Alex Case
EFL activities for all

15 warmers and fillers for true/false tasks (for children & adults)
Alex Case
Reading and listening texts with True/False tasks are one of the easiest ways to get students involved in a reception skills lesson as the students can often try to guess whether the statements in the book are true or false before and then read or listen to the text to check. This both makes it […]

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