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Ideas to Help Teach IELTS
Emilly Jones
Emilly Jones shares some tips that teachers can use when they are teaching IELTS, with 1 idea for Task 1, Essays, Speaking and Listening.

Classroom Practice for IELTS Speaking 1 & 3
Alex Case
Tasks with typical IELTS Speaking questions that are more stimulating and make students think more carefully about the questions and their answers.

15 Ways to Reproduce Exam Conditions
Alex Case
Although a good EFL exam class teacher will break the students slowly into real exam practice and spend as much time boosting their confidence as showing them how challenging the exam will be, sooner or later the students are going to need a taste of the real thing. Setting your classes up as much like […]

15 Ways to Make EFL Exam Tasks Fun
Alex Case
1. Challenge each other The best way to make students care about answering the questions correctly is to make those questions ones written by their classmates. Writing those questions to challenge the other teams

15 Ways to Make EFL Exam Tasks Easier
Alex Case
Although in basic terms our job as an EFL exam teacher is to get students used to the real format of the exam, there are many reasons for not always using realistic exam texts or exam tasks. One is that it can ruin their confidence and cause panic each time they see an exam from […]

15 Most Interesting TOEIC Lessons
Alex Case
TOEIC classes can be the most painfully boring to both study in and teach, especially as there is no speaking part of the exam. Luckily, the format of the exam lends itself to some great games that also lend themselves to useful practice of the language and skills of the exam.