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Magical ideas for teaching English to youngsters

Doing It Effectively: 3 Tips For Teaching Vocabulary to Kids
Mohamed Ramadan
In this article, teachers are going to know how to show the meanings of new vocabulary and how to help students remember them for a long time

7 Tips for Creating ESL Lesson Plans for Kids
Altiné Moumouni
When you teach English as a second language, particularly in kindergarten, it is not always easy to come up with lesson plans that are fun, engaging, and effective.  Here are a few tips on creating lesson plans that will not only give you lots of fun and engagement but also help you effectively manage your […]

How to Teach Kindergarten Groups Online
Mark Hemming
A range of techniques and games to use when teaching kindergarten groups remotely

Motivating Teens: a Little Empathy Goes a Long Way
Charlie Delaney
It is often a challenge to motivate teen learners. This article looks at the reasons behind that, and suggests some strategies that can help.

How to Teach This/ That/ These/ Those
Alex Case
Presentation and practice for going beyond “This is a pen”

How to Teach Directions to Young Learners
Alex Case
Fun ways of making a start with “turn left”, “go straight ahead” etc even with students who have problems giving directions in L1.

Young Learner Lessons On The Topic Of Food
Alex Case
Ways of making this topic as yummy and yucky as food is.

English Songs for Children in the ESL Classroom
Shelley Vernon
ESL teachers, find out how to make English songs work for children; why songs help and how to overcome obstacles to using them in your ESL classroom.

Proactive YL Classroom Management
Alex Case
Some of the many things you can do before and at the beginning of class to stop all kinds of disruption in the YL classroom.

Can-do Statements in Preschool English Classes
Alex Case
Can-do statements are all the rage in English teaching due to the ever increasing influence of the ALTE/ CEF levels, but they are probably least used in the kinds of classes where they could be most useful- with the under 5s. Creating can-do statements for your present or future classes has many potential benefits: Providing […]

Questions to Ask Before a New Kindergarten English Class
Alex Case
Many potential difficulties with kindergarten classes can be dealt with in advance if the right questions are asked.

YL Games for L2
Stefan Chiarantano
Practical games and activities for young learners to test target language

Reasons for Misbehaviour in Preschool English Classes
Alex Case
…and how to avoid them

Presenting Vocabulary in YL Classes
Anita Kwiatkowska
Children’s attention span is extremely short compared to that of adults. Thus your job as a teacher is to use the few minutes you have to present vocabulary as effectively and successfully as you can. Be creative. Be appealing. Be quick. To make sure your students will remember all the new words you taught them, […]

Ideas on Classroom Management in YL Classes
Anita Kwiatkowska
During my career as an ESL teacher I have come across plenty of teachers who dread teaching children. Because they are naughty. Because they cannot concentrate. Because all they want to do is run around and make a lot of noise. Having taught kids for six years now I wholeheartedly agree with all the aforementioned […]

15 Criteria for Kindergarten Worksheets
Alex Case
Choosing a good worksheet is even more difficult for pre-school age students than for other children and adults, as they are not only more likely to find a bad worksheet boring but might also be totally unable to write, draw or read what you what them to. Here are some tips that should

15 Stages of Using Pre-school English Songs
Alex Case
These stages can be used to introduce the use of songs in your pre-school classes for the first time (especially useful if you are not used to using them) or as the stages to use with a particular song that is new to you and/ or your class so that you can introduce a song […]

First 15 Stages of Using Worksheets in Pre-school English Classes
Alex Case
1. Colour anyhow Very young children will colour a picture without paying any attention to the colour of the real thing it represents nor to the lines that are supposed to mark its limits. As these things will develop naturally with the help of practice in their other classes, there is no need to push […]

15 Ways to Personalize Your Young Learner Classes
Alex Case
Personalization (making sure students can use the language to talk about themselves) is commonly accepted as a vital part of language learning, but it is one that often gets lost with low level classes or when the students are far away from the teacher in age and so chatting about themselves is not straightforward. It […]

15 Criteria for a Good Kindergarten English Song
Alex Case
1. Memorable For children who can’t yet read in English and don’t live in English speaking countries, singing English songs to themselves is about the only practice they can get outside class without the help of their parents. Ways of making this happen include using a song with a catchy tune, using a seasonal

Criteria for a Good Pre-school English Class
Alex Case
1. Use of movement Using movement not only matches how children learn best, it also makes the meaning of what you are teaching clear, makes it easy to spot if they are paying attention and burns up any excess energy that they might have so they can sit down and concentrate during later bookwork or […]

A Bag of Tricks for the Traveling YL ESL Teacher
Stefan Chiarantano
Don’t leave home without it