TEFL Teacher Training Articles

Essential tips, resources and guidance to enhance your teaching skills and support your journey as a TEFL educator

Parts of Speech
Josef Essberger
Parts of speech for teachers. Your students need to understand parts of speech, and they will certainly ask you lots of tricky questions about them. Be prepared!

Reviews of TEFL Programs
Mia Williams
Almost 90% of people place importance on online TEFL reviews before making a course purchase. But should we believe every review that we read?

10 Misleading Claims By TEFL Course Providers
Alex Case
Ten very common statements by people who sell TEFL courses that aren’t quite lies but are still meant to mislead

15 Reasons to Avoid a TEFL Course
Alex Case
Although it is hard to judge the quality of less well-known TEFL courses, it is comparatively easy to spot the ones that can be instantly dismissed. This article gives you some quick and easy methods to do just that.

Theory & Practice in Cambridge DELTA Module 2
Alex Case
Like the effect of the DELTA on an enquiring mind, this article has also raised far more questions than it has answered.

Things to Find Out About a TEFL Certificate Course
Alex Case
Down-to-earth advice on the questions to ask when considering which TEFL certificate course to take

Preparing for the CELTA Etc
Alex Case
15 practical suggestions on what you should do prior to taking any CELTA or similar TEFL certificate course

How Was the Dip?
Alex Case
A personal reflection on the DELTA